PPL is an established company dedicated to work with selected instrument manufacturers to provide the spectrometrist, spectroscopist and separations scientist with a wide range of specific solutions to specific problems. However, PPL is also developing products for direct sale to end users that run in the Microsoft Windows environment.

PPL has developed and continues to develop a range of specialised interfaces for its own unique ReSpect™ data reconstruction algorithm to provide complete software packages designed to meet advanced data processing requirements. Our main aim is to provide user-friendly products with a very high level of automation so that the time required to achieve results is reduced to the minimum. Of course, any automated feature may be manually overridden.

Generally applicable programs for baseline correction, enhancing S/N and for deconvolving data, along with fully quantified results and error bars are currently available. PPL programs specifically for mass spectrometry include deisotoping (MALDI and multi-charge ESI to m/z ions or zero-charge masses), ESIMS charge deconvolutions to provide zero-charge spectra, exceptionally fast processing for LCMS data for both high and low resolution data (primarily used for peptides and intact proteins), LCMS map comparison for biomarker discovery, protein identification and QA/QC. Programs are also available for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (deconvolution and S/N enhancement) and separative techniques (LC, size exclusion chromatography, gel electrophoresis, etc.).

PPL’s pricing is highly competitive. Prices and ordering information may be found under More Information. Programs and operating manuals, as well as a free tutorial and demonstration software package, may be ordered through this site. Applications Notes illustrate the benefits of our methods. Publications, new Application Notes and information will be e-mailed if requested. Program descriptions, show the range of products available.

e-mail: information@positiveprobability.com