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Each year the Croquet Club invites new members and offers five coaching sessions so that they know whether they would like to take up or return to the game. 

Play has started as normal on 1 April and we shall welcome anyone who would like to take up this fascinating sport. The Club provides opportunities for all abilities. Ladder and Knockout competitions run through the six month season and Club Sessions are held on Sundays and Tuesdays, both PM, and Saturday, AM.

As well as the five introductory coaching sessions, more experienced members regularly help new arrivals to get a grip on the game. Association Croquet is different from the garden variety and is described as producing an interesting cross between snooker and chess ..... you have to think about the next move. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not vicious! We are a very friendly club.

Church Stretton also provides an important social side to membership with cake and cream teas on the lawn, how civilised! We also have a summer buffet supper and annual lunch plus extras planned through the season.

So, if your appetite, or more importantly your competitive skills, are whetted, please get in touch with Fane Conant, Secretary.

telephone 01694 722610 or email








 Robin Trew, Chair

Welcome to the Church Stretton Croquet Club Website.

My first encounter with the world of croquet came just a few years ago. I was looking for a secondhand car and I found a nice looking estate car with a "Croquet Club" sticker in the window. With visions of the previous owner being an elderly retired colonel in the upper social bracket I was swayed to buy the car. It turns out that that is not what most croquet players are like. It was a terrible car too!

When I retired to Church Stretton a couple of years ago I noticed the "Would you like to try the game?" sign in the park and, intrigued, I put my vague plan of taking up Golf on the back burner and gave the Starter Session a try. Having never played before it was a little daunting but everyone was so friendly and encouraging that we soon felt at home.

I'm not quite sure how it happened but I now find myself as Chair of The Committee. (I'm reminded of Spike Milligan's poem: "The boy stood on the burning deck, when all but he had fled. Twit!") I would like to encourage anyone else who has been intrigued by the sight of a croquet lawn to come and have a try. It’s not violent or vindictive. It’s not too energetic. There is some friendly competitiveness as well.

Why not give it a try? Call Fane Conant, our Secretary, on 01694 722610.

Best wishes





Church Stretton Croquet Club makes the national press


The Croquet Gazette    February 2020

Playing standard and conditions improve at Church Stretton

The market town of Church Stretton lies in the Shropshire Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 13 miles south of Shrewsbury and 15 miles north of Ludlow. Church Stretton Croquet Club began in a small way twenty years ago and has built up to around thirty members. In recent years the playing standard of our club has increased substantially and we won the West Midlands Federation Cup in 2019, having actually won all our matches. We attribute this success to having taken ongoing coaching much more seriously during the course of last season. However, it is only in the last six years that we were able to start playing in Federation matches, thanks to a Grant from the Croquet Association and help from the local council, which enabled us to lay a second court. We are also grateful to the local council for their work on improving the surface of both courts, and the latest works have been with the firm Terrain Aeration (see the article opposite). Popular National Croquet Day Joining in with the CA’s annual National Croquet Day has proved very popular and resulted in the recruitment of a number of new members. Moreover, simply getting people to actually try the game has meant that the popular image of croquet as being just a vicious

game has been overcome! In the past our offering potential members five coaching sessions at the beginning of the season has usually only attracted a handful of recruits. Complete club activity As well as playing competitive and friendly croquet, our club seeks to have an active social life, so we have cake and cream teas on the lawn once a month on one of our club afternoons, as well as holding a summer buffet and annual lunch. Indeed to be a friendly club is very much part of our ethos. As to the future, we are endeavouring to encourage our members to enter CA Calendar tournaments run by other clubs. We are basically an AC club with informal GC one evening a week, but if there is demand, this will be expanded to allow those who wish to begin competitive play against other clubs. All in all, we are pleased to report that croquet is alive and healthy in Church Stretton.

Fane Conant, Secretary, Church Stretton Croquet Club




West Midlands Federation Cup 2019

Church Stretton - Winners

Church Stretton ended the 2019 season unbeaten to secure the Federation Cup for the second time in the last three years. The Competition was cancelled in 2020.

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