The Marathon Trophy

The Marathon

H'cap singles, all play as many as you can at your convenience. 14, 18 or 26 pt. games to encourage play between all abilities. 1 point for playing & an extra point for winning.

                                               Through season

The Knapton Trophy

The Veterans

Handicap singles league for age 70 and over, on full lawns. Anyone not completing their games will be excluded. Age limit at the Manager's discretion depending on entry.

                                           Through season

The Philip Roberts Cup

The Ladies

Handicap singles league for Ladies only, 2 hour 18 pt games on full lawns. Anyone not completing their games will be excluded.

                                 Through season

The Margaret Brown Mem. Cup


Handicap singles knockout for H12 & above. 26 point games on half lawns to a base 10

                              Through season

The Millennium Trophy

    The Ladder

2 handicap singles matches each month. 1 point for playing plus 2 for winning Length of game at the discretion of the player with the higher handicap


The David Latto Memorial Cup

The Championship

Handicap singles knockout competition open to everyone. 26 point games on full lawns.

                                           Through season                                         

The Moreley Cup

Short Croquet

Handicap singles on half lawns using a special handicap system.

15th May

The Silver Salver

14 Point Advanced

              Advanced singles on full lawns.

5th/6th June

The Christmas Trophy

 14 Point H'cap

Handicap singles on full lawns

  12th / 13th June

      SACC Cup

Doubles Advanced

 Advanced Doubles. Enter as a pair or be paired by the manager

  26th / 27th June

The Lanman Trophy


Handicap doubles. Enter as a pair or be paired by the manager

  10th / 11th July

SACC H’cap Adv.Cup

Handicap Advanced

           Advanced Singles with bisques

  24th / 25th July

The Shrops Trophy Centre Cup

18 Point Weekend

        Handicap singles matches restricted to around 2 hours.

  7th / 8th August

                                              The Claret Jug

                                  The Eight

                                                                                                                            Advanced singles. Invitations to 8 available players with the highest index on Aug 1st.

                                         11th / 12th Sept       

                                             The Evason Cup

                                  The Founders

                                                                                                                             Handicap singles for H18 & above (provided that they have never been lower than H18)  Played on half lawns.

                                              21st August

                                                    The President’s Cup

                                  Advanced  Singles

                                                                                                                                                                                          Limited to  14  players

                                     Through season

The Chairman’s Rosebowl

Advanced Singles

Knockout Competition open to everyone. 26 point games. Full lawns

Through season


3 Competitions

Margaret Brown Cup, Championship, Chairman’s Rosebowl

25th / 26th Sept. If req’d


Shrewsbury Croquet Club