Shropshire Association of Woodturners

Walking down the street one day
ahead a skip I spied,
I thought when I got up to it
I’ll have a look inside.
When I looked inside of it
I almost had a stroke,
for there inside the skip I saw
some lovely Ash and Oak
There were pieces of Cherry and Walnut
Pear and Apple too,
and then I heard a voice which said
“morning how do you do.”
If that wood is any good to you
you can have it all he said,
 by the way my name is Edward,
but you can call me Ted.
That’s very good of you I said
‘cos wood’s too good for burning,
will come in very handy see
as I do a bit of turning.
Then come with me the old man said
and see what I have got,
I followed down his garden path
and then I got a shock.
He opened up his garden shed
and there before my eyes,
were piles and piles of timber
of every shape and size.
How much do you want for it
I said alight with glee,
now’t said ted with a little smile
you can have it all for free.
I felt so darned elated
I almost had to scream,
then suddenly my wife awoke me
it had been a flaming dream.

Candle holder by George Hill. Mahogany with coloured stringing.
Spinning Top by George Hill. Turned from Sycamore and Padauk.