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The Rules

These rules are under review due to being unable to physically meet at present

1.The ‘Advanced Turners’ and ‘Turners’ Challenges will run from the first meeting of a calendar year to the meeting before the AGM inclusive. The prize trophies will be presented at the AGM. Each trophy will be held by the respective winner until the next prize-giving or one year. The items to be turned will be chosen by the Challenge organiser and approved by the committee.

2.Open to members only, each Advanced Turner or Turner may enter up to three items per month in their respective Challenge, each item gaining one point regardless of whether it is ‘placed’ or not. If a total of more than three entries have been received in any month then first, second and third places will be awarded. However, if only three entries are submitted then first and second places will be awarded. If two are submitted then only first place will be awarded. Finally, If only one entry then no places will be awarded.

3.At the beginning of each meeting five ‘judges’ would be selected at random from our peers who haven’t submitted an entry at that meeting. They will be given a slip of paper to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd. On the slip would be guidance as to how to rate the entries (such as ‘does it comply with the subject item as described on the list?’ ‘is it fit for purpose?’ ‘is it skilful turning?’ ‘is it finished to a high standard?’ etc.).

4.Points would be awarded for 1st = 3pts, 2nd = 2pts, 3rd = 1pt as given by each judge. Say three judges award a piece 1st place (3x3pts = 9pts), two judges award it 2nd place (2x2pts = 4pts), one judge places it 3rd (1pt). When totalled up the item would score 9 + 4 + 1 = 14pts + 1pt for initial entry (see paragraph 2 above).The entry would therefore score 15pts. A list showing the running totals will be pinned to the notice board at each meeting.

5.To provide some anonymity, the entries will have a small numbered or lettered sticker applied – this would be used by the judges to identify their choice


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