Despite its genteel history, croquet is by no means simply the sporting diversion at vicarage garden parties which it is often portrayed as being. Clubs exist in every part of Britain and in many countries overseas. Both national teams and individuals compete at a variety of matches and tournaments every year. Nowadays, it is more popular than it has ever been since its introduction in the 19th century and it continues to be a fast-growing sport.

 SHREWSBURY CROQUET CLUB has two full size lawns and is situated at Monkmoor Recreation Centre, Racecourse Crescent, Shrewsbury.

                      The club is a full member of the Croquet Association.
                     Free introductory sessions can be offered to individuals.

    Special promotional sessions can be arranged for organized parties or social organizations at little cost.
    Several different competitions (and inter-club matches) are held each year, tailored for different abilities and tastes.

    New members, enquiries and/or spectators are always welcome
    For further information, contact the club secretary or come and talk to us at the lawnside


Shrewsbury Croquet Club